Best tips for studying PTE effectively

Identify Your Strengths & Weaknesses.

If you have taken PTE before, where you scored higher in speaking and writing, you need to focus more in practicing your listening (Summarise Spoken Text and WFD) and reading skills (Reorders and FIB). For those who are taking PTE for the very first time, it is encouraged to take the PTE Academic online practice test first to get familiar with the exam pattern as it’s a computer-based test, so you need to get familiar with the technology as well.


Prepare a training schedule.

PTE aspirants need to make a study plan. By following a schedule, not only can students utilise their time effectively, but they can also cover all the tasks within the allocated time frame that can be considered a productive way of practice.


Don’t just rely on the videos.

Most PTE aspirants make the mistake of watching videos for preparation from multiple sources which are not mostly unreliable. Only by watching videos, one can not improve their abilities, because they need to practice more to comprehend the right approach, step-by-step. Also, you need to improve your skills, learn time-management to gain confidence; after all perfect timing is the key ingredient to success.


Constructive Feedback.

After learning and practising strategies, it is required to get constructive feedback from experts. Only your trainers can assess whether you are on the right track or not after checking your performance. To broaden one’s horizon, receiving personalised feedback – as per the needs and abilities, is one of the most important things.


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